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By Rob Harrell
Jun 29, 2013
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Adam: We should go camping sometime.  Katy: Ew. Why? Adam: Why? 'Cause camping is awesome! Katy: Blechh. I'm more of a city girl. Adam: Oh, psshh. It's just because you haven't tried it. We'd cook s'mores. Sing around the fire. Maybe do some fishing. Katy: Whatevs. I prefer not to be away from my internet and my outrageously comfortable bed. Adam: Seriously, you'd love it. Katy: Why camp when I have at least four reality shows waiting for me on the DVR? Laura: I've just never heard of a "three-alarm-red-alert-emergency camping trip" before. Adam: Trust me, Laura!!!
Jul 1, 2013
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