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By Rob Harrell
Apr 6, 2013
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Adam: Oh, yeah. That feels good. I don't know what it is, but dark socks seem to to make my feet sweat more than white ones. Laura: That's ridiculous... And kind of gross. It's the thickness and breathability of the fabric that determines it. Adam: You'd think that was true, but it isn't. Laura: Adam, please... Seriously, how can the color of your socks determine foot comfort? Adam: Laura, would you agree that there are some questions science can't explain? Like "how did the moon get there?" and "why can't you ride a tandem bike from the backseat?" Or the one that's been haunting scientists for years, "why can't they make a coffee that tastes great, freshens your breath and whitens your teeth?" Laura: Those socks fumes must be hallucinogenic. I'd better open a window.
Apr 8, 2013
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