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By Rob Harrell
Oct 29, 2011
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Adam:  I mean, seriously...  What is it with all these car insurance ads?  They must be making money hand over fist to pay for all this TV time.  There's the funny-looking woman. The hairy guy who cups his hands, the lizard. That jingle.
Clayton:  How do you know who's the best?
Adam:  Good question, son. Personally, I don't like a flashy insurance company. I want my insurance agent to have gray hair. Glasses, a mustache, and wear drab, out-of-style clothing.
Katy:  What if it's a woman?
Adam:  Same...but no mustache.
Katy:  I might like a mustachioed woman insurance gent.
Clayton:  Yeah, she's obviously too busy doing insurance stuff to worry about her grooming habits.
Oct 31, 2011
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