Jan 16, 2010
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Adam:  Phew! Look at look at all these credit card bills.
Laura:  I can't. It makes me angry.
Adam:  We need another source of income...and to cut back.
Laura:  So? Any suggestions?
Adam:  I say we start a family band. We'll trade in our minivan for a school bus and travel the country bringing delight to our fans.
Laura:  Didn't we agree that you wouldn't make any more household plans based on 70s TV shows?
Adam:  Did we?
Laura:  Yes.
Adam:  So. I'm guessing you do don't want to hear my plan B.
Laura:  Only if it involves you becoming "The Six Million Dollar Man".
Adam:  Cha-cha-cha-cha-chaa. We can rebuild our credit. We have the technology.
Jan 18, 2010
Small u 201701251612

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