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By Rob Harrell
Dec 12, 2009
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Adam:  There's the sign! Only two more miles before the turnoff to Metsker's tree farm1
Clayton:  I thought you told mom we were going to get a fake tree.
Adam:  Did I? I remember saying I'd consider it.
Clayton:  And?
Adam:  I'd consider it a bad idea.
Clayton:  Yeah, but why chop down a living thing when you can get a fake tree that'll last for years?
Adam:  Well, think of the centuries of tradition and the great tree smells!
Clayton:  Seriously, dad. You can get air fresheners with the same scent.
Adam:  But I like tradition! Your mom loves sweeping up the needles! And the garbage dudes love the extra work in January!
Clayton:  Those are thin arguments, dad. And some Christmas traditions need to evolve.
Adam:  Like the tradition of parents buying gifts for their children?
Clayton:  A real tree it is!
Dec 14, 2009
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