ACME INK'D by Talon Bunn


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  1. Talon Bunn

    Talon Bunn GoComics PRO Member said, about 4 years ago


    It’s time for the roundup of my favorite comics this week from the other cartoonists here on Sherpa, a feature called…


    Here we go, in alphabetical order…

    Brad Perri went all sciencey in 4 PUNKY PUPPIESRESEARCH

    Timothy Simpson went out West in THE BOOBIEHATCHEBRONCO BUSTIN

    Steven Hill did a little landscaping in BUNSRAKED

    John Carter stopped by the farm in CARTERTOONSTHE MAC

    Ian Jones went on a week long punning streak starting here BUSHY TALESPUNTERS

    Wil Panganiban tried to kick the old pigskin around in FRANK AND STEINWAYSUCKA

    Loren Fishman sought for the answers in the stars in HUMORESQUEHOROSCOPE

    Juls and Carmen fell in love in MCARRONIANYTHING 4 U

    Jeffrey Caulfield and Alexandre Rouillard examined interior design in MUSTARD AND BOLONEYWALL HANGINGS

    Robin Crossman felt under the weather in NED AND LARRYCOLD AND FLU

    Jason Lethcoe came back in time in NO PLACE LIKE HOLMES – A VALID QUESTION

    Don Mathias took up a new sport in PEANIZLES – A HERO APPEARS

    Garey Mckee did some writing in POICE LIMITLETTERS

    Guto Dias did some writing too in PUTZCHAPTER ONE

    T. Shepherd went looking for enlightenment in SNOW SEZ – A SIGN

    Finally, Walt Beringson was in a slump in TWO BITSBORING DAY

    That’s the round-up this week! Keep it up, fellow ’toonists!!!

  2. Garey Mckee

    Garey Mckee GoComics PRO Member said, about 4 years ago

    That dude is throwing up a fish bone (sorry Snow) AND a candy corn!

  3. Talon Bunn

    Talon Bunn GoComics PRO Member said, about 4 years ago

    @Garey Mckee

    I hate puke, however, because I’m a man of multiple contradictions, one of my favorite gags in the old MAD issues was scoping out the contents of projectile vomit. The fish bones was a staple of all MAD characters’ diets. The candy corn is a staple of my characters’ eats ;)

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