Pearls Before Swine by Stephan Pastis

Pearls Before Swine

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  1. baddawg1989

    baddawg1989 said, about 16 hours ago

    Mr. McWhiskey Barrel would tell Ronald, “Cram it, clown!”

  2. Sherlock Watson

    Sherlock Watson said, about 16 hours ago

    That barrel with a hole reminds me of a classic dirty joke, the punchline to which is, “Because Thursday is your day in the barrel.”

  3. TEMPLO S.U.D.

    TEMPLO S.U.D. said, about 16 hours ago

    Besides the titular character and the short-lived early 1990s Kids Club (Kid Vid, Boomer, I.Q., Jaws, Lingo, Snaps, Wheels, and dog J.D.), I wonder who would Rat add to Burger King?

  4. F6F5Hellcat

    F6F5Hellcat said, about 15 hours ago

    Come to think of it, out side of Ronald and the Hamburglar I don’t think I’ve seen much of any of the other characters since the early ‘90s. And then it was only really Grimace, Birdie, and the Fry Guys. Mayor McCheese I don’t really remember seeing anything with outside of images of him at McDonald’s resturants. And there was a sheriff that I kinda remember from the old playgrounds.

  5. Gigantor

    Gigantor said, about 14 hours ago


    The policeman was Big Mac. There was also Captain Crook, long gone.

  6. riotta rigotta

    riotta rigotta said, about 14 hours ago

    @TEMPLO S.U.D.

    " I wonder who would Rat add to Burger King?"

    Tim Hortons

  7. harmanr

    harmanr said, about 14 hours ago

    @TEMPLO S.U.D.

    They’ll have to come up with a Mountie and a moose character since they are moving to Canada to avoid taxes.

  8. S R

    S R said, about 13 hours ago


    They had to stop using the mayor, the sheriff and certain other elements after a lawsuit by Sid and Marty Kroft.

  9. WilliamPorygon

    WilliamPorygon said, about 12 hours ago

    Aside from Ronald, they abandoned the McDonaldland gang a couple decades ago. And it disappoints me, because they were so much better than that ugly kid and his goat, or the nightmare-inducing happy meal box.

  10. Sisyphos

    Sisyphos said, about 10 hours ago


    That would be Dudley Do-Right and Bullwinkle, I suppose?
    Meanwhile, Mickey Dee should not be too hasty in dismissing Mr. McWhiskey Barrel. With their slumping sales, maybe the introduction of an Adults Only adult beverage section would be helpful….

  11. Juice- Bruce

    Juice- Bruce said, about 10 hours ago

    Did Rat drink his way into or out of the barrel ?

  12. nosirrom

    nosirrom said, about 9 hours ago

    They have to pass on Mr. McWhiskey Barrel. Because if they don’t they might pass out on McWhiskey.

  13. Observer fo Irony

    Observer fo Irony said, about 8 hours ago

    McD tried an adult only sandwich and it flopped.

  14. DavidInMaine

    DavidInMaine said, about 8 hours ago

    I’ll have a McWhiskey Sloshy Meal, please.

  15. avocet13

    avocet13 said, about 8 hours ago


    You’re right..they’ve done away with every character, and now I think the Ronald is gone, too. They’re trying to not be accused of advertising to children.

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